The iPhone 4S’s virtual assistant “Siri” answers questions with a voice that sounds like a cross like a mature lady terminator. “Siri” will find you recipes, directions, or help enable your personal delusions. But are there questions so… terrible… that Siri’s only response would be “Huh?” We’ve come up with 5 questions for Siri and we need 15 more. Leave your Siri questions in the comments or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #QuestionsForSiri. We’ll post the ones that make us cringe appropriately.

The Terrible 20: Questions For Siri

  1. “Siri, how do I get out of this coffin full of corn chips?”
  2. “Siri, could Optimus Prime beat Iron Man in a fight?”
  3. “Siri, where can I buy a monkey dressed up like a genie?”
  4. “Siri, do I have a rash or leprosy?”
  5. “Siri, who invented the color blue?”
  6. “Siri, what is Zooey Deschanel’s home address? I know that you know, I’ve seen the commercial.”

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